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Sanitas provides health insurance as a professional service. Assisting ex-pats throughout the world to obtain medical health insurance cover in Spain and abroad. Sanitas is Spain's largest & fastest growing medical insurance company. The companies that make up the Sanitas Group are among the leading health insurers in Switzerland.

Sanitas has no communication with their employees, salaries are miserable, management is bad, and vacation days are limited, according to an actual employee at

"Miserable payment and the job was pretty easy, only 20 vacation days a year. Bad Upper management, no room for growth, they don’t actually listen to their employee's wants/needs/suggestions."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Miserable payment and the job was pretty easy, only 20 vacation days a year"

Former Employee - Registered Medical Assistant says

"Upper management, pay, no room for growth, they don’t actually listen to their employees wants/needs/suggestions"

Current Employee - Administrative says

"Benefits are expensive, learn as you go, poor organization in every department."

Current Employee - Sanitas says

"Office management is strict and watches you like a hawk, generally very fast paced"

Responsable (Former Employee) says

"Managers pésimos. Ambiente mediocre. Cultura de enchufismo. Cualificación técnica directivos nula, se rodean de los que les protegen en su mediocridad (subcontrata de empresas ya conocidas, etc.)Ninguno"

Terapist (Former Employee) says

"Çalışanın köle gibi görüldüğü hayatımda gördüğüm tek iş yeri"

ADMINISTRATIVO (Former Employee) says

"falta de reconhecimento ao profissional liberal.acho que não tem uma boa administraçãonão da recursosnão tem ticket"

Fisioterapeuta (Former Employee) says

"Difícil promoción, así como reconocimiento de estudios adicionales o capacidades. Bastante complejo a la hora de conciliar vida laboral y personal. Salarios que no se corresponden con el nivel de estudios y ni mucho menos con la vida real. Ambiente de competitividad excesivo. No se tiene en cuenta al individuo, solo el beneficio que produce para la empresa.Estabilidad económica. Pagan sin ningún tipo de demora."

Debtors and Creditors control (Former Employee) says

"Do not have access to all package of accounts, need to go to school, Majority of staff do not have basic education so it is difficult to work with. I have learned to study hard for my degree to get a better job.nonelong hours, no benefits"

Sachbearbeiterin Dokumentenlogistik (Former Employee) says

"Abwechslungsreiche Tätigkeit In einem Frauenteam zu arbeiten. Nicht sehr gut viel versprochen aber wenig umgesetzt Im grossen und ganzen gute Kollegeinen Die vielen Chef Wechsels Die vielfältigkeitdivrse vergünstigungenunregelmässige Arbeitszeiten"

Médico general (Former Employee) says

"Es muy difícil que te promocionen si no estás en la rosca. Alta rotación entre los médicos generales por falta de incentivos, a pesar que el salario está un poco por encima del promedio. Valoraciones constantes de indicadores. Debes utilizar tu tiempo libre para estudiar temas de obligatoria evaluación. No toman en cuenta lo que puedes aportar.Estabilidad laboral, buen nombre de la empresaDeberían dar más importancia al fondo que a la forma"

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"It was a great and short experience. I had to deal with the public and it was fantastic. However, whole day is very stressfull because you have to talk all day with few rests"

isf e specialist di prodotti (Current Employee) says

"dopo aver ereditato una zona in condizioni pietose la parte più piacevole del mio lavoro "a contratto di consulenza" è andare in farmacia,mediamente 3\4 al giorno e riscontrare numeri soddisfacenti dopo appena 8 mesi di lavoro. attualmente lavoro in un ambiente molto tranquillo compreso i rapporti con Sede e colleghi.manager del proprio lavorotrattamento economico"

Patient Registration Clerk (Former Employee) says

"En mi expriencia alli. Tube que aprender las actividades y responsabilidades de reportes de una manera muy desorganizada. Despues de 2-3 semanas recien nos dieron Un corto entrenamiento con un instructor."

Aide soignante (Former Employee) says

"En général, chez Sanitas ,le travail était sympa ,il était vrai qu'il y avait des jours avec beaucoup de travail mais grâce aux collègues, le travail a été beaucoup plus facile parce que nous nous sommes aidés entre nous."

Alice says

"Sanitas is chaotic and unhelpful - I have had a series of problems with them, which have still not been resolved. I give them ZERO out of 5. I signed a contract for standard health insurance at the end of September 2020. Three months later, I still have not received my insurance card, even though I am paying premiums for direct billing (not reimbursement). Sanitas lost my application - which was only discovered after I contacted them twice. Then they re-issued the contract with mistakes in it, adding accident insurance when it wasn’t needed. And now I’m still waiting for the card. I’m sick of having to chase up customer services to simply do the job I am paying them for. Absolutely terrible - the worst experience with a health insurance company I have ever had! Avoid at all costs." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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